alex cumberbatch

Sunday, November 19, 2006

never was a cornflake girl... cAtAmiNa, 'I am 18 going on 19, I know just what to do...', wrong, sick of many things, glad of so many peoples. loving everything and everyone. setting free her spirit. listening to music (bad one/good one/strange one). on vacations in wonderland one more time. trying to eat a mushroom to fall asleep. being crazy a little everyday. reading historical romance novels. swiming in a sea of anarchy. living on nicotine. wondering of all the things she'd seen. already been here before. screaming at the mirror. smelling roses. dreaming of yesterday. catching butterflies, and stars, to put in my pocket. wondering if London bridge is really falling down. dreaming awake. going out...for life. Once upon a time...can happen any time!*

'a lot of oysters but no pearls...'
it's been a long day, this a long long way to's been a long time...since you come by...and I only know the things that I know...

had a bad month in september...
october scared the hell out of me...
I get lonely in november...
december it's where I wanna be..
a long december...and there's reason to believe...maybe this year will be better than the last...I can't remember the last thing that you said as u were leaving and now the days go by so fast...and it's one more day up in the canyon...and it's one more night in hollywood...if u think that I could be forgiven...I wish u could.

na na na na na na na na na na...

the smell of hospitals in winter, and the feelling that it's all a lot of oysters but no pearls...
all at once you look across a crowded room to see the way that light attaches to a girl...
and it's one more day up in the canyon...and it's one more night in hollywood...if you think you might come to california...I think you should....

na na na na na na na na na na....

I drove up to Hillside Manor sometimes after 2 a.m. and talked a little while about the year...I guess the winter makes you laugh a little slower, makes you talk a little lower about the things you cannot show her...and it's been a long december...and there's reason to believe...maybe this year will be better than the last...I can't remember all the times I tried to tell myself to hold on to these moments as they pass... and it's one more day up in the canyon, and it's one more night in hollywood...and it's been so long since I've seen the ocean...well I guess I should...

na na na na na na na na na.... na na na na yeah.... na na na na na na na....yeah....yeah....yeah...

counting crows - a long December

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Small marine electrical power system

Portable and mobile “hydrogen on-demand” generators for small fuel cells

Aminoborane powder, technology of purification and product

Nanopowder of metals

H&HT Group has developed and posses several new laboratory and industrial technologies. Among them are the follows:

Laboratory kg-scale technology of stabilized aminoborane production
Industrial technology of hydroreactive material for marine power system production
Laboratory technology of aluminum hydride stabilization
Industrial technology of the absorbent production for gases ultrapurification (level of impurities less then ~1 ppb)
Laboratory technology of the SPA electrodes fabrication
Technology of the composition preparation for high rate of light gases production
Industrial technology of metal nano-powder production with low level of metal oxides
Technology of hydrides pyrolysis for hydrogen generation as a fuel for PEM fuel cell.Also see more on solar power

Saturday, April 15, 2006

In advance.
Why did I make a success of to say these idiotic words ? " I arrived in advance ". Eh well yes, it saw it well !
When I am you, there was a great silence in the part, then clock started again to hammer time, as to support the silly thing of my note: : In advance, advance, advance ! Its needles hung at least the quarter and have suddenly unpleasant impression qu’they pointed towards me them which cursed finger, designating the culprit meanly.
It had had a small start when had made gauchement crack the parquet floor. It had to include/understand immediately, with the promptness spirit which characterizes it, that were there since already a certain time, planted in embrasure of the door, without voice. It looked at fixedly. It did not say anything. Just this small choked cry when the parquet floor groaned.
While climbing, were however merry. had succeeded in leaving the office earlier, and as was the day of the St. Valentine's day, I returned with a marvellous chocolate cake acquired to Martin pastry making, - Pastrycooks of wire father since 1862, it’you like S - that had already devoured by the thought ten time. I thus climbed the steps while avoiding hopping as a child (that of which I do not deprive myself practice, but more often while descending while going up, by having care to jump the last steps in supporting to the slope) to save this delight, and reached without encumbers my stage. _ have little of evil to dislodge the key of inside pocket inside of my jacket, because it be confusedly tangle up in a piece of string (that can always be useful) and I miss to me solve to pose the cake (qu’it me seem vaguely intend slip in its paperboard) on the carpet to can there take with two hand. Ouf ! Forgive me, I speak too much. My wife often reproaches it to me : " You speak too much ! I’am able more you to follow and you either ! ". This for saying that my mood was rather with satisfied joviality.
Once the sesame held up out of his cave, I made it turn most gently possible in the lock so that effect of surprise is total.
And then, zut, had forgotten the main thing. Shoes. Then, this time constrained to demolish me my package, I leaned and, in the same gesture, deposited the paperboard with my feet and withdrew my shoes. is obviously this precise moment which chooses Hubert Vion, reprocessed grumbler and incidentally close to stage, to show its head (head with aspect of more pushing back, without exaggerating) in framing of its door, relatively decreased by its " chain of protection ". Its scornful glance exasperated at once. I was certain qu’it was going to make hood my project with a shingling remark that it would not deprive myself of launching a sufficiently sound voice to reflect themselves in entirety of the cage staircase and consequently to invade my interior and the ears of my wife. But it surprised me. It was satisfied to ask to me whether I were converted with Buddhism before making disappear his smile narquois behind his door. I thus began again, saving in movement obliges, my shoes a hand and the different paperboard of in only one and last lowering and pushed the door entered.
immediately heard this weak sigh coming from the kitchen. Then another.
There was funny odor. A perfume that I did not know, rather unpleasant, too extremely.
My first reflex was to look at the coat rack. Nothing.
hesitated to advance, dodelinant behind with this ridiculous air that my brother enjoys to imitate in our meetings of family - on this occasion, my uncle Bern, the first to leave a thundering laughter, carefully avoids telling the day when together of its employees of machines textile discovered that it carried a wig. I could really only make, or rather, I did not know what I preferred to do. To advance and know ? To set out again and drown my tears in the chocolate cake ?
I perceived a shock. A noise of furnace that one closes. I put to imagine where they were doing that. These thoughts sufficiently reflect me out of me so that I decide to direct me towards the kitchen. Arrived in front of the door almost closed and taken deep and forces anguish, I was satisfied entrebâiller to observe just enough interior.
My wife turned me the back.
She agitated convulsivement. At least its arm.
odor, little by little, was specified.
It pushed a new sigh.
Then I made crack the tiled floor.
Small cry of surprise.
It was turned over.
It saw me.
All went very quickly.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Kingdom of the FogsThe Kingdom of the Fogs? A territory of the spirit where it is easy to be mislaid... I decided to give up me in his meanders, gathering the dream randomly ways... Marvellous or nightmarish visions...
The result? Texts of all kinds, that I invite you to read, to comment on, to even supplement... Good visit!
I see well that certain people come to throw a glance here....
Thus place, ô famous visitors, your words on the black book! Known as for example how you found yourselves on this territory (teleportation? invocations? mere chance?), what you thought, etc... It will be for me an immense honor!

Friday, March 03, 2006

This meeting, epilogue of the 19th day of Liga, puts at the catches 6th and 7th. The players of Real swim in the crisis, they did not gain since 3 meetings in championship and see their direct competitors echapper with the classification: the leader inhabitant of Barcelona points already with 13 lengths of the players of the capital! Sevillans as for them enchainent victories in residence and defeats with the exterior. Put in confidence by their victory out of cut of the king Thursday vis-a-vis in Bilbao, Merengues have largely the miyens to be essential this evening with the presences of Zidane, Robinho, Beckham but without Ronaldo and Raul, wounded and Cassano, with court of form.

This well unbalanced meeting opposes the leader to before the last of this Sm-liiga. Karpat posts statistics impressionantes this season, with in residence, 13 victories out of 18 played matches. One cannot say some as much for the players of Lathi Pelican who rammené the victory only with 3 recoveries out of their 19 displacements. Concerning confrontations between these 2 teams, one can count 6 of them on the two last, all gained by the hosts of the day, and on scores rivers for the majority: 6-2/8-2/6-2/5-1... In the optics of permanent sound mano to mano with its Hämeenlinna dolphin, Karpat cannot allow a against-performance today.